Warp knitting

Warp knitting is a family of knitting methods in which the yarn zigzags along the length of the fabric; i.e., following adjacent columns, or wales, of knitting, rather than a single row, or course. For comparison, knitting across the width of the fabric is called weft knitting.
Since warp knitting requires that the number of separate strands of yarn, or ends, equals the number of stitches in a row, warp knitting is almost always done by machine rather than by hand.
Warp knitting comprises several types of knitted fabrics that one of them is blanket. This kind of blanket is knitted by a Raschel warp knitting machine so it is known to Raschel blanket.
If an affordable blanket made from long-lasting material is required, polyester is the perfect option. The polyester finished pile blanket has very fluffy, strong, hair feel, uniform density, no falling pile, high washing resistance, and no deformation. Polyester will stand up to washing and drying for years without losing its color or shape, and it generally costs less than natural fibers.

Microfiber polyester blankets are fleecy, super soft, and warm, and also because of their physical properties, they are also light and breathable and offer a lot of warmth.
The pile of our Sarvin blankets is microfiber polyester. Microfiber is great for keeping your skin dry on humid nights, so you’re not going to be sweating up and also microfiber is easier to wash, less likely to stain, and dries three times quicker than cotton.

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